Cataract Vision At Night

 Cataract Vision At Night

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Post Cataract Surgery

With age, the proteins inside your lens can clump together turning the lens from clear to foggy causing cataracts. As cataracts become more advanced, they may affect cataract vision at night.Certain behaviors can put you at a higher risk for getting a cataract:

Exposure to sun with no eye protection, the use of steroids, high blood pressure, exposure to radiation, and smoking are some of the causes of cataracts.

Symptoms of cataracts include cloudy vision, changes in the way you see color and difficulty differentiating between colors, decrease in near vision, halos, glare, and difficulty with seeing at night.

cataract vision at night may be very frustrating and dangerous. Driving may become more difficult since you are more sensitive to glare.  Bright lights from traffic lights or halos from headlights from oncoming cars may make you feel uncomfortable. In this case, you should drive with extra caution since your vision is compromised.Turning to proper care is important to eliminate this issue.

Improving cataract vision at night  is achieved by the RevitalVision  post cataract  surgery program. The RevitalVision eye exercises affect the vision processing ability in the brain thus improving vision.The program is designed to improve cataract vision at night in thirty sessions under the supervision of an optometrist or ophthalmologist. RevitalVision therapy is scientifically and clinically based.




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