Congenital nystagmus treatment

يناير 14, 2021

Congenital nystagmus treatment 

Congenital diseases can cause stress and heightened emotion within the family. Parents are required to face challenges which they have never gone through before.
Notifying the parents with the most updated congenital nystagmus treatment can decrease the level of tension and help the parents begin treatment in the best possible way.
50% of all congenital anomalies cannot be linked to specific causes, some are known to be genetic or environmental and others are known to be linked to risk factors which enhance the chances for a congenital anomaly.
Congenital nystagmus treatment is important to be introduced to the parents at an early stage since treatment can prevent lazy eye and improve VA.
During the current Covid 19 pandemic people are trying to stay at home as much as possible and are concerned about going to visit a doctor. In this case being introduced and offered Congenital nystagmus treatment as soon as possible is important. Therefore, contacting a doctor and finding out a safe way to receive treatment is crucial.
Parental psychosocial coping varies over time from the diagnosis. Through the child’s treatment, parents develop their own coping strategies based on experience, availability of social support, personal characteristics and beliefs. Much has been studied regarding the impact of pediatric abnormalities on parents and families.
There is a variety of Congenital nystagmus treatment which is available. Since Nystagmus usually results in reduced vision and depth perception, RevitalVision which improves vision contrast sensitivity and depth perception may be an option for treatment. The RevitalVision program which is approved by the FDA is adjusted individually to each patient for best results. A program of 30 sessions is recommended in order to reach a 150% improvement in contrast sensitivity and 2.5 lines in Visual acuity.

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