Halos After Cataract Surgery

أكتوبر 8, 2020

Halos After Cataract Surgery

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Post Cataract Surgery

Halos are a normal response to bright lights. Halos can be affected by wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. Halos after cataract surgery is a common side effect post cataract surgery as well.

Halos after cataract surgery may result from the new IOL lens and as a result of dry eye induced by cataract surgery.

During a cataract procedure a new lens is implanted behind the iris and pupil, this lens improves the vision by focusing the light on the retina in the back of the eye.

This lens cannot be seen or felt. The IOL requires no care and becomes a permanent part of your eye. One can choose from variety of IOLs with different features.

In addition, halos are influenced by dry eye. Since cataract surgery may induce dry eye, halos after cataract surgery are common and treatment of dry eye is necessary as well.

Dry-eye disease is estimated to affect more than 7 million Americans, the prevalence of dry eye increases with age. Therefore, dry eye can negatively affect visual outcomes, cause halos after cataract surgery and prolong the visual recovery time.RevitalVision provides an easy at home solution for improving vision after cataract surgery.

RevitalVision post cataract program is composed of 30 training sessions done at home on your computer. RevitalVision therapy is clinically and scientifically based. The program is 100% natural and improves vision with no drugs, no known risks no complications and no side effects. To lean more about the treatment click in the Post Cataract Surgery Recovary

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