Stargardt disease treatment

يناير 20, 2021

Stargardt disease treatment

Unfortunately, there is no proven Stargardt disease treatment. Stargardt disease is an inherited eye disease that affects tens of thousands of people in North America. Stargardt disease may cause substantial vision loss, some of the patients with this condition are legally blind.
Stargardt disease is a progressive condition, in which the vision deteriorates over time. Unfortunately, there is currently no Stargardt disease treatment that can stop vision loss completely.
Some types of Stargardt disease treatment have been shown to slow the progression of vision loss. Current treatments available focus on slowing down the progression of the condition. Hopefully, in the near future, researchers will develop a Stargardt disease treatment that will stop the progression of vision loss completely.
Stargardt disease affects the retina (a light-sensitive layer of tissue in the back of the eye). In order to reduce the harm the disease causes to the vision, there are some strategies recommended to patients, such as using sunglasses to reduce the retina’s exposure to ultraviolet light, decreasing vitamin A intake by eliminating the use of vitamin A supplements. There are other helpful resources such as special devices which can help to adjust to daily living with the increasing vision loss and receiving help that can train you better to manage around the house.

More research is necessary in order to offer effective Stargardt disease treatment, RevitalVision is participating and investing resources in research.

RevitalVision program, emphasizes the improvement of the vision process in the brain by training the brain to experience the image as sharper while the disease influences the optical part of the eye during the progress of the disease.

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